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Average improvement in relationships, better stress management, more satisfaction, better teamwork, and the coaching helping to achieve the set goals. Normal coaching programs don’t change the brain. The work we do with the mind muscle training changes the thinking, feeling, and acting patters sustainable. That is the reason why the program works so successful.

Guaranteed Results Over 50%

The pressure, burden and stress in these responsible functions is very well known to us and how to transform to an easiness, happiness and conflict free life. We experienced in our CEO functions countless workshops, team buildings, leadership trainings, but the real change was during the last 8 years with the body work, mental neuronal work and embodiment work.

Own Transformation

Our team has experience as CEO, CFO and Member of the Board of Directors, as well as practical experience as C-level executives in listed and private companies in various industries. We have also a fundamental internationally certified coaching expertise.

Coaches With CEO And Board Experience

We are so convinced that we let you, teams and companies try out the coaching with or without the app program and you can end it at any time after 2 weeks without obligation and free of charge if it is not to your liking.

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Why Work With

Welten & Welten

What Do We Change?

What we do is transform people, teams, couples and whole business departments, it is called Responsible Leadership Transformation Coaching and we help people to change patterns and behaviours etc. in their lives that keep getting in their way privately as well as in business. The patterns are mostly a source of pressure, stress and simply hurdles. Through the program you can dissolve these patterns, recognize your own needs again, find inner satisfaction and return to your own strengths without your own saboteurs - which you develop through experiences in life - standing in the way. 

The program is life-transforming, we can say that from our own experience. Only words do not change thought patterns, emotions and behaviour patterns. It needs neural rewiring for that. It makes you happier, dissolves obstacles that stand in the way and takes away fears in life.

Authentic coach who

changes lives for better


Authentic, make it a better world,

freedom and happiness

Core Values:

Dedication, caring, fast support, own transformation, professional,
courageous, structured, work holistic (body, mind, spirit)

Strengths As Coach:

CEO, Board member, entrepreneur, licensed Positive Intelligence Master Partner coach, Google's Mindful Leadership training, Embodiment teacher training

Tangible Brand Elements:

We walk the talk, remove all patterns, inspiring through own break-through experience, see always the bright side of life, from having nothing to having all

What Do We Stand For?

Stories of 

Clients using the program

“The program was very valuable for me, as I was able to work out and deal with my personal issues with professionally and mindfully guided coaching sessions by Iris. With the program I received many possible tools, which support me daily and bring me further in my personal development. I also learned to recognize my strengths from my own saboteurs and to use them in my professional and private life.” 

CEO, large cap listed Company

“I am decidedly more calm and relaxed. I question my own judge and thus leave my comfort zone more often without feeling stressed. I have reduced my expectations of my counterpart and am not disappointed.”

Owner of a Family Enterprise

“I have more composure, alertness to signs of patterns of action; different response techniques, can better separate important from unimportant, be grateful, I can develop curiosity towards others and myself for persons from the emotional perspective.” 

CTO, large Bank

“Negative is more of a gift for me today. Iris is a top coach. Very humorous and brings the topics very understanding to the round.”

MPA, Kantons Hospital

“The program has helped me achieve less pressure and self-judgment. Therefore, my performance is much better.”

Head Sales, medium size Enterprise

“Iris is very good at listening and giving tips and tricks. Her exercises are very helpful when the head does not want to change. The coachings with Iris are groundbreaking.”

Clinic Management Member, private Hospital

“The program was very valuable for me, as I was able to work out and deal with my personal issues with professionally and mindfully guided coaching sessions by Iris. With the program I have received many possible tools that support me daily and help me in my personal development. Likewise I learned to recognize my strengths from my own saboteurs and to use them in my professional and private life. I was especially fascinated by learning to see the gift in everything.”

Department Head , Kantons Hospital

“The workshop with Iris changed completely how our team works together now.”

Chief Physician, Kantons Hospital

“Leadership from within. I lost 60 kg due to the program with Iris. It changed my whole life.” 

CEO, small Enterprise in Paris

“We were on the verge of a divorce. working with Iris saved our marriage. We are so grateful.” 

Department Head and mother of 2 children

“I was in clinical treatment for years for my depression and unable to work. Nothing could help me. After only 9 months of working with Iris I was able to return to work at 80% and after 1.5 years of working together I no longer need pills.”

Head Pharmacist

“My energy drained from year to year. Becoming more miserable and unhappy. Iris brought me back to living my life again and I have due to her exercises energy I never felt before.”

Investment Banker, New York

“I was unexpectedly discharged and didn't know what to do next. The program, the work to find my values in life, the physical work and exercises helped me to find my future path in life.”

Head Europe, USA listed large cap Company

“I just could not get a grip on my existential fears. They came up again and again despite coaching. Thanks to the Embodiment work with Iris, I was able to face my fears and distance myself from them. I am now free of any fears.”

Professor of Medicine

“The downward spiral was unstoppable. I was unhappy, I gained weight, I had problems in my marriage and my valve was emotional eating. Iris brought me out of this downward spiral and I have now tools that help me to get out of it any time.”

CEO, small private Enterprise in Boston

“I was so restless. The only thing that brought me down a bit was alcohol. Thanks to the embodiment work with Iris, I learned what restlessness does to me and my body. It was so impressive that I am now at peace within myself and no longer need anything else.”

Professor and Owner of a large physicians office
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Leadership Development

That Drives Impact

Transforming over 1000 people

Working with clients in the USA, UK, Europe and Switzerland

96% of participants in the program say they became strong leaders in business and private

Cultural change of several 200 employees' department

Helping the helpers, the doctors/hospitals which are 30% of our clients

Saving marriages, saving lives of highly depressive people,

helping reducing weight up to 60kg

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