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Iris Welten

My Transformation Experience For You

Iris Maria Welten is chairwoman and board member of several companies and co-founder of the consulting firm Welten & Welten AG. She is focused on responsible leadership to change life patterns for a happier and more successful life. She also teaches corporate governance at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Her in-depth experience includes international capital markets, leading 8 country representatives, extensive experience in 6 industries and managing 9; business units. In addition, it is well connected both economically and politically (local, state and federal levels). She worked in Munich, Miami, Hong Kong and New York for large listed companies in senior corporate C-level functions and as CEO.

Current Mandates

  • Chair Board of Directors & CEO,
    Welten & Welten AG

  • Vice-Chair BoD,
    Business Angels Aargau

  • BoD (Finance),
    Alterszentrum Blumenheim

  • Advisory Board,
    Equity Pitcher's Venture Capital

  • Institute member (Responsible
    Leadership), IFAM Research Center

  • Lecturer University of Applied Sciences, Bern for Corporate Governance

Settlement of companies and provide access to commercial properties, active in eight countries on behalf of four cantons. Focus on: strategy - efficiency - key account management.


Member of the extended Executive Board. Responsible for business development, public affairs, corporate communications and certified quality assurance.

Focus on: M&A - strategy - corporate management.

Group Head Corporate Services
Zur Rose AG

Member of the Executive Board of the Group CFO, Senior VP. Responsible for Group IR. Disclosure politics und SIX Swiss Exchange team leader. Corporate Development and Human Resources Sounding Board member. Focus on: corporate governance - shareholder structure - transparency.

Group Head
Investor Relations
Swiss Life AG

Co-Responsible for Investor Relations USA (Assistant Director), ADR trading, building up the retail shareholder base in the USA, supporting the M&A activities in the USA. Focus on: US authorities (SEC, NYSE) - acquisition retail clients - IPO - capital increase

Group Deputy Head Investor Relations USA
Deutsche Telekom

Mental Fitness for performance & happiness

Positive Intelligence Certified Master and CPQC Coach

Mindful Leadership

Google Search Inside Yourself Certified Program

Corporate Governance Certification

University of St. Gallen, Bord of Directors School

International Strategy Development

IMD Lausanne

Change Management und Leadership


“Advanced” Project Management

SGO Training AG

Media training and crisis communication

SGO Training AG


Harry Welten

My International Experience For You

Harry Welten has more than a decade of Board of Directors experience in listed and privately held biotech companies as Chairman, Vice-Chairman and member of the Board of Directors. Further, he has extensive hands-on experience as Audit Committee Chair as well as Chair of the Nomination and Compensation Committee.


He has more than 20 years of comprehensive U.S. and European executive management experience in Biotech/ Pharma and Banking. Harry is a past Chief Financial Officer of several SIX Swiss Exchange Main Segment listed biotech companies and was a key player in one of the largest biotech IPO's in Europe as well as in numerous industry shaping deals such as M&A as well as spin-offs. During his tenure as CFO, Harry raised more than CHF 320 mln through Venture Capital rounds/M&A/IPO/capital markets in Europe and the U.S.. In addition, he successfully managed the transition from a private equity financed business into a SIX Swiss Exchange main segment listed company including private and public fund raising.


Last but not least he was responsible for Corporate Functions such as Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Communications, IT, Legal, Human Resources, Investor Relations and Strategy.

Current Mandates

  • Chairman BoD, Virometix

  • Chairman BoD, Proteomedix

  • Chairman BoD, b-rayz

  • Member BoD Affimed

  • Member BoD, Anokion

Former Mandates

  • Chairman BoD, Aidence

  • Chairman BoD, Bignosys

  • Chairman BoD, Novaremed

  • Chairman BoD, Juvabis

  • Member BoD, ASIT

Listed on the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange. Focus on: debt restructuring - equity financing - strategic acquisitions.


Kuros Biosciences AG

Merged with Horizon Pharma from the USA, now listed on Nasdaq, USA. Focus on: M&A negotiation - implementation - execution.


Nitec Pharma AG

Listed on the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange. Focus on: equity financing - IPO - restructuring - reverse merger.


Arpida AG

Relationship Director for multinational corporate clients. Focus on: lending - restructuring - cross selling bank products 


UBS AG, Zurich and New York, USA

Columbia University - Business School NY/USA

MBA Master of Business Administration (Honors)

Zurich School of Management

Degree in Business Administration and Economics (Betriebsökonom KSZ)

KV Business School

Federal degree in Banking

(Eidgenössisch diplomierter Bankfachmann)

KV Business School

Trade school degree in commerce

(Lehre kaufmännischer Angestellter)


The Team

Alain Schilli

Focus: Sustainability, corporate governance, biodiversity, risk management

Experience as: Board member, C-level functions in several companies, entrepreneur, business angel, active in non-profit organizations. MSc in Environmental Economics and Ecology from the University of Basel and an MBA from EAEME at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Enables: Ecological integrity of business models, management of ESG risks, sustainability strategy

Industry: Energy, Real Estate, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Production

Colinda Kürschner

Focus: Corporate Identity & Culture, Corporate Development

Experience as: Board Member, founder of the IFAM Institute, Entrepreneur, and former executive. University of Lucern, Master in Marketing, Communications, Innovation and Public Management.

Enables: Transformation, cultural corporate change

Industry: FMCG, Luxury Goods, Healthcare, Public and Industrial Sector

Elisabeth Frey

Focus: Sales & key account training, innovation culture, reorientation

Experience as: Board member, entrepreneur, CEO, CFO, key account manager, and management consultant in a national and international environment. Swiss Board School University of St. Gallen, Dipl. Business Administration HSO.

Enables: Behavior change, sustainable performance, diversity, inclusion and equality

Industry: Pharma/Chemicals, Manufacturing, Engineering/Constructing, Finance/Banking, Entertaining/Leisure Industry 

Nicole Plüss

Focus: Process-oriented change, team culture development, value based leadership

Experience as: Head of Computed Tomography, Patient Safety & Quality Management Specialist.
CAS Quality in Healthcare, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Zurich, "DAS" Supervision in Coaching & Mediation, ZHAW Zurich "Holistic Constellation Work", Practice for Psychotraumatology, Silvia Will, Commercial employee EFZ, specializing in fiduciary services.

Enables: Clarity, focus, future organisational development

Industry: Healthcare

Remo Bühlmann

Focus: Resilience & Stress competence

Experience as: Head of 130 employees at the largest university hospital in Switzerland. Resilience coach. Father of 2 children. Executive Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Management (EMBA), qualified coach trainer, qualified radiology specialist HF.

Enables: Resilience, less stress in an innovative and solution-oriented way

Industry: Healthcare

Severine Bächtold

Focus: Highly sensitive  & gifted children, couples

Experience as: President of the Board of Directors, entrepreneur, mother of 4 children, training in design therapy, certified craniosacral osteopathy, certified in trauma work, certified yoga teacher, business school & specialist teacher IBBF & certified kindergarten teacher.

Enables: Security, inner strength and clarity

Industry: Education, Parenting, Psychology

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