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Attention and presence within, with others and with the overall system.

Our customized approach provides the feedback, accountability, challenge, and support necessary to achieve sustainable performance and drive long-term business results.

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Improved Relationships


  Happier Life


Better Stress Management


Better Team Work


Better Performance


More Sales

These are the results of our work


More Creativity

How to realize 80% more potential in yourself, employees and teams.   

Our Holistic Approach is Unique and That is Our USP

Service Name

Neuronal Change of

Behavioral Patterns


A six-week program based on research from the Stanford University USA that trains the brain to change emotional, thinking and acting patterns developed out of experience or epigenticly stored. This neuronal re-wiring can not be changed by willpower. With the program the right side of the brain will be trained which leads to a positive motivated behaviour and change of the old patterns. This allows to go with a positive mindest, happier, less triggered through the day. We are certified Master coaches and official Partnercoaches Switzerland of Positive Intelligence USA.

Service Name

Cange of the emotional stored patterns in the body


All our emotional stress is stored in the body, mostly in the nervsystem. It is helpful to support the coaching with physical and breathing exercises. This can strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system and the glandular system. We develop guided 3-11 minute video exercises that are individually tailored to the client's needs. In certain cases, the bodywork is accompanied by Ayurvedic and TCM principles. Our background as Embodiement teachers, Buddhism & Hinduism living priciples, as well as international licensed yoga teachers RYT200, KRI Level I, II, III, Tsa Lung enable us to provide targeted bodywork.

Service Name

Embodiment changes the

subconscious mind


We work exclusively with the "AI tools" in coaching. Changing what can normally not be changed. Because some fears or behaviours cannot be changed. Embodiments are guided sessions were the body gets into simple movement. This movement impacts the subconscious mind and changes long existing subconscious behavioural patterns. It also impacts long stored experiences in the nerve system and changes them. The Embodiement technics we use are based on the Movement Medicine & Embodiment professional training developed in the USA and UK.

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