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Board Members 

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Benefit from our 40+ years of experience as international executives & board members and our drive to grow your business successfully. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what the critical elements of success are and what needs to be done to succeed.

Board of Directors Contribution

We want to contribute to the success of your business by offering you practical, hands-on experience in various fields and industries. Our expertise will contribute that your business is developing.

We support

Board Members with 

Development and the integration of corporate strategy


Private and public equity and debt financing


Preparation for IPO


Execution of M&A


Success oriented start-up development


Conduct restructuring and ensure turnaround


Ensure Responsible Leadership


Implement Integrated Corporate Governance (Univ. St. Gallen) and set-up governance structures


Board assessments and Board mentoring


250 million Euro

Venture capital financing of more then

more than

CHF 100 million

IPO at the main segment of the Swiss Stock Exchange with equity raise of 

ADR listing on

the NYSE

Preparation of NASDAQ listing and

CHF 150 million

Follow-On offerings of more than

two public bond restructurings

Two private to public reverse mergers and

+37% sales &

+83% productivity

Responsible Leadership
Transformation leading to

poor to excellent

Increasing the Corporate
Governance rating from

reduced volatility by 63%

Defending hostile shareholder activism, implemented proxy voting which increased share voting by 36%, change of the shareholder structure

42% increase in 


From loss making to a ROI of 2.5x with a

Corporate Governance Clients

Business Meeting

Results of Our

Board Contribution

  • Audit committee

  • Finance committee

  • Investment committee

  • Nomination committee

  • Remuneration committee 

  • ESG committee

Expertise as Board Members 
in the Following Committee's

Approach of Environmental &

Social Governance

Source: Holding Redlich

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