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Change Comes From Within

Responsible Leadership Corporate Governance

We build and develop high performing leaders and teams.

We help individuals and organizations achieve higher levels of performance and positive business outcomes. Through Responsible Leadership we provide the knowledge, tools and framework for leadership growth and team success. We will partner with your organisation to develop the skills and competencies of great leadership professionally and personally.

We build leadership competencies that are aligned with your organizations vision, mission, and goals. We can build a custom training path for you and your team. Our most common offering is a 90-minute intro "Responsible Leadership" workshop. To do deeper work we accompany the individuals with a six-week guided App program and coaching. This will change behavioural patterns and the outcome is less conflicts and better performance. Large companies have begun to see the real, measurable benefits of introducing Responsible Leadership in the workplace. We work with measurable results by assessing the before and after.

Responsible Leadership Training

Our Programs

Board of Directors Contribution

Excellent Corporate Governance is ensured with our Board of Directors Contribution

We want to contribute to the success of your business by offering you practical, hands-on experience as Board Members and experts in Corporate Governance. Our own expertise as Chair of the Board, and Board Member in the Finance and Environmental & Social  Governance Committees will contribute that your business is developing in the best and most efficient manner.

Having gone through many industries in various companies on a CEO/CFO and Board level we are very familiar with different challenges and possible solutions for various issues lying ahead. Our +40 year long experience will benefit you going forward. Our special expertise is in Finance and Environmental & Social Governance.

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